Melody. Energy. Fun. This is what music means to me. Lucky to grow up in a home filled with music, I hadn't realized how many genres I was absorbing, nor how this would someday catapult me into my current life.  Entertaining for a wide variety of diverse spots... resorts, restaurants, clubs, weddings, events, school assemblies & senior facilities.

My solo acoustic guitar technique features percussive rhythm/lead patterns and constant bass lines, propelling the songs forward, married to a strong vocal enhanced by a live harmonizer. I love vocal harmony, as reflected in the music of a diverse mix of artists over the decades, all of whom have found a home in my repertoire. It's a full sound, very danceable.

Beach music, decades of rock, standards, oldies, folk, jazz, blues, country, Motown, contemporary. 'em. Throwing musical curves, like my Abbey Road medley. Having fun. Making new friends. Enjoying life.

See you at the next gig!

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